Pilates In Sheffield

"Change happens through movement and movement heals." Joseph Pilates


"In 10 sessions you'll feel the difference, in 20 you'll see the difference, and in 30 you'll have a new body" Joseph Pilates


Improve your posture, banish the forward head and feel better and healthier with Pilates.

Pilates can help with core strength, flexiblity, balance and mental well-being.

Pilates is shown to help with long term health conditions such as Osteoporosis, Stroke recovery, Scoliosis, back pain, knee surgery, hip replacement - the list goes on!  The controlled movements are suitable for any type of injury or long term health condition so you do not have to be fit and well to come and try a session.  The pilates equipment helps support the body to enable movement to be improved and increased and can help increase quality of life for a range of health conditions! 

If your a runner, cyclist, triathlete, climber, golfer, tennis player then including Pilates into your training will help improve your sport.

Come and join in a class, or book an introduction session for a more tailored approach.





07870 653674




@Chapel Allerton Pilates, Leeds

12.30pm Reformer (Mixed)

2pm Gym

6pm Mat (Beginner)

7pm Reformer (Beginner)

& 121 slots available



@Chapel Allerton Pilates, Leeds

6pm Reformer (Beginner)

7pm Gym

8pm Spring Wall (Mixed)

& 121 slots available


@Foundry Climbing Centre, Sheffield

6pm Mat Class (Mixed)

7pm Mat (Beginner)

& 121 slots available


@Chapel Allerton Pilates, Leeds

8am Runners Class

9am Reformer (Mixed)

10am Spring Wall (Mixed)

11am Gym

& 121 slots available


1-2-1 Sessions


1-2-1 Session

Private 1-to-1's are ideal if you have an injury, health condition, back pain, recovering from surgery, or have a specific goal and would like to work closely with an instructor.  If you are a complete beginner this is an idea way to have an introduction before joining a class.  121's are run at home in Kelham Island or at the fully equipped studio in Chapel Allerton Leeds.

I also run 2-to-1's so why not bring a friend, colleague or partner along too and a dual session will be run for both of you!

The first session will consist of going through your goals, fitness & injury and a short assessment which will then help to create your programme. 

Pilates introduction

If you are a complete beginner this is an idea way to have an introduction before joining a class.  In this session you will learn some initial moves to gain a greater understanding of the foundation principles before going onto join a class.


Looking to improve your running performance, or stop the niggles or injuries or a beginner looking to add some core mobility training in? Then book in a runners specific 121 session. You will be taken through screening as part of the Runity method and then a series of exercises to help bring mobility, stability and posture into your running. Look out for Running workshops too!



Nancy is a certified Polestar Pilates Studio Practitioner (including Mat, Reformer and Studio equipment). She works with people with all levels of fitness and ranges of injuries.

Nancy also works with many cyclists, marathon runners & triathletes and checks in regularly with a British Triathlon level 2 coach to maximise all benefits of pilates alongside training programes.

Nancy suffered from a prolapse disc and lasting sciatica in her early 20's and was referred to Pilates by the NHS as a way of managing the injury.  Nancy kept up with Pilates practice while working in Marketing, but realising that Pilates helped with not only back pain but also overall well being, Nancy retrained in 2016 to be a Comprehensive Pilates teacher.

Nancy is a keen cyclist and spends most of her free time out on the bike or exploring the Peak District.



For further information or to book a class or 121 please contact Nancy on 07870 653474 or email moorpilates@gmail.com

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